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Beds > Bed room > About 3 main features

1. hostel nedoko provides amusement

After long traveling and got to Nagasaki City of Japan, hostel nedoko hopes you would be surprised and happy by a little special moment when you go to bed! You can see those night illumination from turning lights off every night!

This illumination amusement provided at hostel is the first try from hostel nedoko, the Nagasaki of Japan.  

2. hostel nedoko will surprise you

The beddings are one set of fresh bedsheets,

a pillow, a comforter,

and the selected mattresses for each bed.

Add another more comforter, or the comforter for during autumn and winter season will replace from the summer end.

The bed room has an air conditioner.

hostel nedoko can control air condition for comfortable in all season.

3. What comfortable in hostel nedoko

hostel nedoko considers about some curtains as much important as beddings.

And, all guests can use some goods as the included service like these from hostel nedoko. 

  • The rental towel for guest

  • Slippers for inside, slippers for outside

  • ​The Ginbei

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