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Hostel Nedoko keeps safety and cleanliness

This owner's hand-crafted POSTER has been hostel entrance 
since JUN 28 th of 2018.
hostel nedoko941_410[1]Cherry_the_owner_drew

Cat my family
in 2001,
Virus Poster
in 2018,

Both are
by this
hostel owner
as the art






Hostel Nedoko sets all newest air-conditioners each rooms from 2020

 If you were coughing hard or in the feeling  bad with no medicines, we are very sorry but the small we are not able to accept like those guest conditions based on the laws of Japan Hotel Capacity for the infection patients.



  • There are no spare beds, so check-in with accommodation book is for everyone.

  • If alone the under the age of 17, we require prior notification from a guardian or the contacting information of parent or guardian.

  • As our hotel is not qualified to handle animals, we do not allow pets to visit or stay with us.

  • If the reservation information and credit card holder name do not match,The discount amount and special plan content on the reservation site will be invalidated, and if you still wish to stay, you will need to fill out the accommodation book and the damage deposit of 5,000 yen in cash with paying the hotel's official rated accommodation fee.

  • A late check-in fee of 3,000 yen will be added for arrivals after 17:30, which would interfere with the preparation of the dinner-inclusive plan.

  • f you have made either the 50% advance payment or the 100JPY test for  your reservation by your credit card, we are able to give you a receipt to prove it after your check-in. If you cancel before arrival, your credit card statement will be your proof.

  • The damage deposits 5,000 yen will be never reimbursed for damages caused by guests, stains that cannot be recovered by regular cleaning, dumping of a large amount of cardboard that cannot fit in the trash box, violence actions by physical or mentally from the  baseless insults to this DIY hotel.

  • After check-in, host always confirm whether the hotel entrance is how to open and lock with the guest, if you lost our key or calling staff during out of reception hours, you will be charged 5,000 yen from the damage-deposit.

  • Forgetting every time to lock the entrance, or the shooting video, photos, or voices without the business  formal application form from any business account to this guesthouse is a nuisance to the host and other guests and will be the reason for never refund.

  • If you would like to take a commemorative photo or record your meal, tell host as manners.

  • ***In selfish,🚫REC🚫UPLOAD🚫VideoCalling🚫Influencer Activity doesn’t matter your popularity, where included this hostel nedoko and this building never allowed by DIY HOTEL HOST INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS.

  • ***Smokings, Silicone-containing sprays, perfumes, drug ingestion are completely prohibited within the premises of this building. The use of organic solvents, such as chlorine-based detergents, acid-based detergents, and nail polish removers, is prohibited and grounds for eviction as it may cause damage or injury.

  • ***Entering or leaving the room for purposes other than residence, bringing in third parties, animals, or naturally occurring plants, and exposing the building to unsanitary conditions with excrement are prohibited and will result in forced eviction.

  • ***Refusal to fill in the accommodation book or false entry is illegal and reason eviction as it interferes with business operations.

  • *With infectious diseases or unsanitary conditions are reason for refuse your check-in.

  • *We do not provide services aimed at protecting, nursing, or caring for persons who are incapable of responsibility due to physical or mental symptoms.

  • Excessive demands that exceed the scale of our business and security considerations will result in eviction, regardless of the length of stay. (Example) Excessive demands such as entrusting the care of persons requiring care or infants to our hotel.

  • [Parking] This parking lot accepts up to two light vehicles or compact cars, with reservations required for 500 yen per night. Motorcycles and bicycles that are not declared in advance will be charged a fee.

  • In the case of family or group reservations, cleaning from 10 a.m. for consecutive nights, or from 8:30 a.m. on the check-out day. When cleaning the building, staff will always open the guest room windows to ventilate the room.

  • There is no storage space for lost items, it is difficult to identify the owner, and customers cannot make shipping arrangements themselves, so all items left behind must be disposed. Therefore, check-out is completed only after a final check is performed by staff.

We will never blackout due to any disaster
  • We equips 3 accumulated lights inside rooms based on japan laws.

  • You will never loose a way to the out of hostel in any emergencies.

  • Do not open the windows except evacuations​. Because this hostel located in front of the river on the ground floor. We have to care about security and some insects.

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