Hostel Nedoko has the conditions for your booking

  • Any visitor welcome to NAGASAKI-WAGYU-LUNCH restaurant of hostel.

  • We are very sorry but the CHILD age 0 to 17 years old( except the age 5 to 11 years old by the children's fare), and the SENIOR who is over 60 years old, or with your PET may not book nor stay Hostel Nedoko, even if your son or your daughter with their parent. Because Hostel Nedoko is by 2 TINY houses only like the cottage type and an apartmemnt type. We have no extra beds for the replace if seniors and children felt narrow. During 4 years since we opened, so many SENIORS complained our room size by reviews but, Hostel Nedoko shows much photos before their booking, seniors never check those before booking, finally this minimum hostel has been taken right away as being "first born as the smallest COMFY HOSTEL in nagasaki" by seniors. IF SENIORS DIDN'T START THE WORLD WARS, MY HOSTEL MIGHT LARGER THAN NOW, YES OR NO? As the common sense, olders have no rights to blame younger's accommodation business forever, because THEY made the real estate foundations for us.

  • The guest who reserved by the cradit card may enter from14:30 to 20:00.

  • The hostel staff will open windows during cleanning from 10AM. 

  • All guests of Hostel Nedoko can open the door, and lock by PIN when you go out and come back.  

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since 30/09/2016
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[24, 10, 2016]


Around Hostel Nedoko, you can see many beautiful river side views like all photos taken by owner's iPhone on this web page.

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