Hostel Nedoko has opened the special Japan branded beef WAGYU restaurant for the lunch only 11AM to 2PM except days every Tuesday and Friday from July 2020. The seats are only 4 inside, only 5 outside. Welcome children and senior visitors to this wagyu lunch time!! The special beef is little for this business only in the lunch time, that's why Hostel Nedoko cannot accept any reservations for the WAGYU lunch restaurant. 

The accommodation's guest can chose the breakfast of the VEGETARIANISM or the WAGYU BEEF.

except TUE. and FRI. regularly

常設店内席: お2人用が2か所です

This photo is 4 seats inside

: Open11AM to 2PM






[24, 10, 2016]


Around Hostel Nedoko, you can see many beautiful river side views like all photos taken by owner's iPhone on this web page.

hostel nedoko, Sara