Hostel Nedoko keeps safety and cleanliness

This owner's hand-crafted POSTER has been hostel entrance 
since JUN 28 th of 2018.





◀︎2 tiny
only for
10 people

Hostel Nedoko sets all newest air-conditioners of SHARP from 2020
 If you were coughing hard or in the feeling  bad with no medicines, we are very sorry but the small we are not able to accept like those guests based on the laws of Japan Hotel Capacity for the infection patients.
Hostel Nedoko will accept guests the official vaccine named of PFIZER or MODERNA  certificated same as Japan from the overseas this Jun in 2021 until this hostel staffs vaccinated completely. Youngers are not yet in Nagasaki of Japan governments now. 
This page has been since Feb. 27 in 2020, and anytime updates.  /Jun 29, 2021, the latest written by owner

hostel nedoko was born as the first smallest hostel in Nagasaki until B&B started

Hostel Nedoko is not the hospital nor the care house
Hostel Nedoko sets the BAR RESTAURANT until 0:00 next door if guests want! 

Owner's bar has special menu for the good foods and drinks. No smoking.

If Hostel Nedoko as the dormitory with other guests never allow any strong smells food from 22:00. Because those prevent the good sleep of other guests.​

The most important service is "NEDOKO"

The BED, in Japanese is NEDOKO.

Hostel Nedoko thinks and provides "special smallest nedoko for good sleep" the most important service of our all.  

5 guests can use the steel locker for luggages. Hostel Nedoko set the 5 lockers for reduce making noise at bed room.

Hostel Nedoko believes all guests behave politely to each other during you stay. Because you found this page. Thank you. 

Hostel Nedoko will never blackout due to any disaster

The small hostel nedoko equips 3 accumulated lights inside hostel.

You will never loose a way to the out of hostel in any emergencies.

The another light is the mobile battery charged LED light for evacuations​.

  • Any visitor welcome to NAGASAKI-WAGYU-LUNCH restaurant of hostel. TakeOut Beef Sushi only now, until  host vaccine completed.

  • We are very sorry but the CHILD age 0 to 17 years old( except the age 5 to 11 years old by the children's fare), and the SENIOR who is over 60 years old, or with your PET may not book nor stay Hostel Nedoko, even if your son or your daughter with their parent. Because Hostel Nedoko is by 2 TINY houses only like the cottage type and an apartment type. We have no extra beds for the replace if seniors and children felt narrow. During 4 years since we opened, so many SENIORS complained our room size by reviews but, Hostel Nedoko shows much photos before their booking, seniors never check those before booking, The older people made the real estate foundation rules for the younger like my hostel after the WORLD WARS, this hostel obey their rules and laws, that's why the older people have no rights to blame younger's accommodation business forever as the common sense. Finally this minimum hostel has been taken right away as being "first born as the smallest COMFY HOSTEL in Nagasaki" by seniors, so Hostel Nedoko recommends seniors to the other big hotels in advance like this page.

  • The guest who reserved by the credit  card may enter from14:30 to 20:00.

  • The hostel staff will open windows during cleaning from 10AM. 

  • All guests of Hostel Nedoko can open the door, and lock by PIN on the guest responsibility when you go out and come back.