Hostel Nedoko keeps safety and cleanliness

About how protect HOSTEL NEDOKO against COVID-19

This owner's hand-crafted POSTER has been hostel entrance since 2018.

The small twin bedroom which shared entrance by the dormitory for 4 people of 30m^2 has released from this October.

If you were coughing hard or in the feeling bad with no medicines, Hostel Nedoko have to obey the medical doctor correctly before our hostel check-in.

Hostel Nedoko will ask about a receipt by the clinic or hospital from the each guest who feeling sick

 when their check-in 2020 at least .

Nagasaki deleted a condition about 37.5℃ for PCR at May 9th. This page has been since Feb. 27 in 2020, and anytime updates.  

Hostel Nedoko has been caring about cleanliness even for our dormitory since 2016. 





hostel nedoko must to protect a place for the guests' health condition

Hostel Nedoko has the conditions for your booking
The most important service is "NEDOKO"
  • Any visitor welcome to NAGASAKI-WAGYU-LUNCH restaurant of hostel.

  • We are very sorry but the CHILD age 0 to 17 years old( except the age 5 to 11 years old by the children's fare), and the SENIOR who is over 60 years old, or with your PET may not book nor stay Hostel Nedoko, even if your son or your daughter with their parent. Because the smallest Hostel Nedoko does not have the extra room for the replace if your child, senior booker or your pet made accident. Understanding our PIN system and our dormitory-rules are very hard for the child and the seniors by theirselves responsibility more than the other aged guests.

  • The only visitor who booked by the booking service may enter Hostel Nedoko. The time from14:30 to 20:00 is only for the booker.

  • For the security, no one of guests is allowed open windows of Hostel Nedoko except in an emergency evacuation. H.Nedoko has Air-cleaners.

  • All guests of Hostel Nedoko can open the door, and lock by PIN when you go out and come back.  

The BED, in Japanese is NEDOKO.

Hostel Nedoko thinks and provides "special smallest nedoko for good sleep" the most important service of our all.  

5 guests can use the steel locker for luggages. Hostel Nedoko set the 5 lockers for reduce making noise at bed room.

Hostel Nedoko believes all guests behave politely to each other during you stay. Because you found this page. Thank you. 

if you were with other guest in the dorm, eating Instant-Noodle is banned during 22:00~8:00 
Hostel Nedoko will never blackout due to any disaster

Hostel Nedoko give you great informations of the nice Chanpon restaurant if you hoped to go there late at night. 

The minimum Hostel Nedoko as the dormitory with other guests never allow any strong smell foods from 22:00. Because those prevent the good sleep of other guests.

If you had no choice eating some near your bed during night, please book other hostel or hotel please. 

The small hostel nedoko equips 3 accumulated lights inside hostel.

You will never loose a way to the out of hostel in any emergencies.

The another light is the mobile battery charged LED light for escapes.




[24, 10, 2016]


Around Hostel Nedoko, you can see many beautiful river side views like all photos taken by owner's iPhone on this web page.

hostel nedoko, Sara