Hostel Nedoko keeps safety and cleanliness

This owner's hand-crafted POSTER has been hostel entrance 
since JUN 28 th of 2018.
hostel nedoko941_410[1]Cherry_the_owner_drew

Cat my family
in 2001,
Virus Poster
in 2018,

Both are
by this
hostel owner
as the art






Hostel Nedoko sets all newest air-conditioners each rooms from 2020

 If you were coughing hard or in the feeling  bad with no medicines, we are very sorry but the small we are not able to accept like those guest conditions based on the laws of Japan Hotel Capacity for the infection patients.

hostel nedoko was born as the first smallest hostel in Nagasaki until B&B started

Hostel Nedoko is not the hospital nor the care house
Hostel Nedoko sets the BAR RESTAURANT until 0:00 next door if guests want! 

Owner's bar has special menu for the good foods and drinks. No smoking.

If Hostel Nedoko as the dormitory with other guests never allow any strong smells food and sprays included fragrance . Because those prevent the good sleep of other guests.​

Family rooms have the each private entrances

Hostel Nedoko always tell the truth for the guests.

Here is kind of more quiet location as the riverside than the tourist's spot, but the Nagasaki Peace Park is very close from here.



Sometimes at the night time, local people also felt noisy from the working people in deliveries or the childish newcomer students.

You can believe good reviews about Hostel Nedoko. Because Hostel Nedoko is always care about space and rooms for guests as the accommodation business.

Hostel Nedoko will never blackout due to any disaster

The small hostel nedoko equips 3 accumulated lights inside hostel.

You will never loose a way to the out of hostel in any emergencies.

Do not open the windows except evacuations​. Because this hostel located in front of the river on the ground floor. We have to care about security and some insects.

The host will open windows for the refresh air rooms cleaning time. 

  • Any visitor welcome to NAGASAKI-WAGYU-LUNCH restaurant of hostel. 

  • We are very sorry but the CHILD age 0 to 17 years old( except the age 6 to 12 years old by the children's charges), and the GROUP INCLUDED DOSING TREATMENT FAMILY, or with your PET or the single and the group who over 59 years old  members all, may not booking nor stay Hostel Nedoko.

  • Because HERE IS NOT CARE HOUSE.  This hostel cannot be nursing to them.  Hostel Nedoko says nobody perfect included me and you. The patient blames others easier than yourself, because they are always cared by somebody around them. But this hostel was made and manages by just one woman who fought with any troubles to be the JAPAN STYLE HOSTEL BASED ON THE LAWS. I have learned should say like this important story officially. 

  • The newest Hostel Nedoko is by a family's room type, a twin room and the dormitory on the women's floor. We have no extra beds for the replace if seniors and children felt narrow. Please check the newest photos from official website.

  • The members who reserved by the credit card may check-in and enter from11:30AM.

  • The hostel cleaning  will open windows each times. 

  • All guests of Hostel Nedoko can open the door, and lock by PIN on the guest responsibility when you go out and come back.  

  • The new Hostel Nedoko set the closing time for the security.

  • In Japan the older people made the real estate foundation rules for the younger like my hostel after the WORLD WARS, this hostel obey their rules and laws. During 5 years since opened, so many selfish guests complained to me alone by reviews but, Hostel Nedoko shows much photos and introductions on this official pages but, the sick people ignored those before their booking, That's why I am very sad their blaming to my accommodation business.