1. Very precious wood surrounds you

The beautiful natural cypress dressing room and the tiled shower room of hostel nedoko are built more than 25 years ago at once, never repair works. 

Some primary architects of Nagasaki says, those are very rare materials for building currently. Hostel Nedoko hopes many guests will be amazed and feels comfortable by precious wood.

These are equipped in the dressing room

  • A hair drier

  • A mirror

  • A diatomaceous earth rug

The shower room open 7:00~9:45, 15:00~23:00

2. Clean Lobby and Restroom

All guests of hostel nedoko use some common rooms. The more cleaning, the more healthy.

About steel locker, one guest can use one with no fee of 5 lockers for suitcase! Take a key of locker while anytime you are out of Hostel. Hostel Nedoko never keep keys from guest.

3. Hostel restaurant & The seating space​

The seating space is for your lounge. Eat and drink near the stand like the table please.

About the difficult stains or garbages on the hostel facility by the guest, and hard to wash it or clean up, it's cause of the reason why impossible to give back the damage-deposits.

About the terrace seats, open until 21:50 for the guest only who checked in. We have to close until 22:00.

About the hostel restaurant, open until 23:00 for the guest only who booked BAR service until 14:00. If you didn't see the host, the mail form is on this official web site.

The visitors can book BAR service on the only regular days MON, WED, THU, SAT by the online payment by their credit card until 14:00 from 6:00 on those days.




[24, 10, 2016]


Around Hostel Nedoko, you can see many beautiful river side views like all photos taken by owner's iPhone on this web page.

hostel nedoko, Sara




Hostel Nedoko in 2020