Hostel Nedoko is the first born as the smallest hostel in Nagasaki city

The historic
beautiful area in Nagasaki city for resident

NEDOKO of this hostel name means BED, in Japanese.

Owner hopes all guests will sleep in the great night.

About 8 minutes walk to get to The Peace Park.

Hostel Nedoko located in the center of Nagasaki City, in front of the Urakami river.

This area has many historic spots and beautiful places.

There are many wild birds, you can listen to beautiful their twitters.

Breathe fresh air here, with watching excellent view like the above.

All photos on this web site are taken by iphone6 of hostel nedoko's owner.

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walk only
2 minutes
4 minutes
The nearby
convenience stores
logos on this left ​出典元:

Convenience Stores are very close to hostel nedoko

  • to the nearest 7ELEVEN needs 4 minutes by walk.

  • to the nearest FamilyMart needs 5 minutes by walk.  

The time for turning lights off 

  • bed room , 23:00~​

  • shower room. 23:30~

But all guests of hostel nedoko can open the door, and lock by PIN when you go shopping even during the night.  

many famous spots
for sightseeing
are close to here

How to get to hostel nedoko

  • No.17 Urakamishako the nearest streetcar station.

  • The nearest bus storp is Iwayabashi.

The famous spots, for example,

  • You can find the beautiful views the above like the peace park fountain in the twilight.

  • Get on the streetcar from No.17 bound for Ohato, it takes about 20 minutes, and walk a few minutes to the port, you can enjoy cruising to the many islands, or to Hashima, The World Heritage in Nagasaki.




[24, 10, 2016]


Around Hostel Nedoko, you can see many beautiful river side views like all photos taken by owner's iPhone on this web page.

hostel nedoko, Sara